Everybody Has a Story That Needs Telling. What is Your Story?

Dandelion Child has been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition.


We were very excited to learn that my new book “Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter” was nominated as a semi-finalist in the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition. We are looking forward to the competition results later this year.

Dandelion Child is available on Amazon.com.  Also available on Amazon, my first book “Unsung Hero” based on the memoirs and stories about my Father, Albert V. Greene’s storied military career spanning three world wars. It was a second place recipient in RPLA’s 2018 Biography category.


My Essay “A Writer’s Journey” Selected as a 2019 Winning Entry!

Peggy has another win under her belt. Her essay “A Writer’s Journey” has been selected as a winning entry in the 2019 Collection Contest volume 11, Writers @ Work. It was such an honor to receive this news.

What is This Site About?

This site will help memorists find specific links and information to help them plan and write memoirs. I believe we are all part of our country’s history. Without us there would be no history. People and what they do or don’t do, whether good or bad, make our culture what it is. I want to make it easier for those who write memoir to find and use information about writing memoir. 

Why Do I Think Your Life Story is Important?

You have been placed on this earth at this time for a reason. You made a difference to someone. Perhaps you do not believe your story is important, or that anyone cares about your accomplishments. I believe someone needs or wants to know about you.

How Can I Help You Write Your Story?

I will help you think or remember something in your past, that you may want to write about by presenting questions for you to ponder. I will read whatever you want to share and give you input as to how to make that story appropriate for whatever audience you wish to attract.

More important: I am interested in helping people who want to write their story but don’t know how to begin.

What Do I Charge for This Service?

A consultation discussing what you want to do and how I can help is free. During that consultation, we agree to conditions under which I can help. Editing or critique service begins at $20.00 an hour.

Am I Available For Speaking Engagements?

Yes, I am available for speaking engagements. I am happy to speak to book clubs, veteran organizations, and any club in the immediate vicinity of The Villages, Florida.

Topics include:

  1. How I discovered my Father’s WWII story.
  2. How to begin your memoir.
  3. Why your story is important and how to get it recorded for your family.
  4. How to incorporate your family’s history into your memoir.
  5. Where to find information for your memoir.

For The Bubble

The Power of Writing

Writing Groups in The Villages
This list is taken from The Villages Recreation & Parks

  • Florida Writer’s Association
  • Florida Writer’s League of the Villages
  • Writers 4 KidsFriday: Hibiscus Recreation Center: 9:00-10:50 am
  • Creative Writers Group:  Wednesday: Laural Manor Rec Ctr: 11:00-12:30
  • Lady Lake Writers of Florida Writers Association Contact:
    Mary Lois Sanders, 352-753-1324
    Email – lois.sanders@att.net
  • Oxford Writers of Florida Writers Association Contact: Chris Coward at chriscoward@comcast.net
  • Wannabee Writers: Monday: Lake Miona Recreation Center: 8:15-11:20 am
  • Writers of The Villages: Tuesday: Bradenton Recreation Center: 9:00-1050 am
  • Short Story Writers Contact:
  • Memoir Writing and More: Tuesday: Chula Vista Recreation Center:10 am
  • Memoirs: Tuesday: Chula Vista Recreation Center: 9:30 am
  • Working Writers: Tuesday: Canal Street Recreation Center:
    8:30-11:30 am
  • Writing Is Fun: 1st and 3rd Wednesday: Seabreeze Recreation Center: 10-11:30 

My Books

Unsung Hero: A memoir/biography/ tribute to my father available on Amazon.com, or Lulu.com

Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter.
My memoir about being a daughter of a career soldier. Available on Amazon.com

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Margaret Allen Greene Best (Peggy) Author of “Unsung Hero” and “Dandelion Daughter”


I am a mature woman who lives in a large retirement community with my husband of fifty years. Together we have traveled extensively and moved into new homes more than twenty times due to his transfers for work. As an army brat, I moved frequently, then married a soldier who later became an executive requiring more relocations. Born in New York, graduated high school in Germany and college in Louisiana, we married in Illinois and moved back to Louisiana. I have two sons born in Texas and one daughter born in New Mexico. We have lived in several countries, states, and territories—Puerto Rico, Egypt, Japan, Guam, and the United States.

I retired from teaching elementary school in Florida before pursuing my love of writing. I am now a published author with two books—both memoirs. I believe everybody needs to write or record their life’s stories as a gift to themselves, their family, and the world. With this truth, I have created a home business called Peggy Best Memoirs. My wish is to help you write or record the stories of your life.


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