My Guam Continued….


Guam was not only an adventure, but also a peaceful retreat for me. This dot on a map of the world measures 212 square miles  about 30 miles in length with a width of 8.5 miles. We’ve driven around the entire island in a little over 2 hours.The local population, who call themselves Chamarro  totaled 158,875. 

Before arriving, I thought Guam would be a jungle island inhabited by brown skinned people and the American military. I expected quonset huts, shacks, no birds, and snakes falling from trees. Instead, I found a modern American land of pleasant people from diverse cultures who seem comfortable together. High rise buildings along Tumon Bay, provide lodging for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, and other tourists. There are a few wooden structures with tin roofs,  but most local homes are concrete boxes bringing to mind bunkers with flat roofs. Many have small fenced yards.

We lived in an air conditioned four-bedroom apartment on the twelfth floor of a fourteen story building that sat on a cliff called Oka Point. The view from my windows was awesome. From my eastern window, I looked over many white homes and shops that form the village of Tamuning and Tumon. At night, the towns lit up red, orange, and yellow against the black sky. Often a full moon shone above, and the air was still. Jetliners broke from the clouds and glided down to a landing as I watched from a distance. I looked over the Pacific Ocean from my western windows…