On Feb. 20, 2018, Bryan Collins explains why you should start writing a journal now. He presents  7  Surprising Benefits of Writing a Journal .

  1. Journal writing helps you think things through, instead of leaving them jumbled up in your brain.
    2. Journal writing can be like having a therapist on retainer.
    3. Journal writing gets you into the habit of writing daily.
    4. Journal writing is an ancient practice.
    5. Reading old entries helps you remember more accurately.
    6. Journal writing helps you express gratitude.
    7. Journaling helps you find ideas to write about.

In keeping with the rule of seven, Rhonda writes 7 of the best types of creative journaling you should try. They are:

  1. Traditional Journals. Like a diary, these journals are kept as ways to chronicle your day, thoughts and feelings. A creative journal is different from a traditional journal in that the writer uses it for inspiration and to record ideas, thoughts, and feelings which may ignite creativity.
  2. Art Journal. Similar to written journals, the writer draws, sketches, and pastes cuttings clipped from magazines that may generate creative ideas for writing.
  3. Those who scrapbook, place photos of events, people and places with short stories about those photos on pages, often embellished and quite creative.
  4. Memento Journal. Similar to scrapbooks, the creator attaches parts of their everyday life like, bills, envelopes, scraps of material, into this book with or without writing.
  5. Prompt journal. This is a journal which asks you questions you can answer.
  6. Mind Mapping Journal. This is often used in writing classes. Write the main idea you may want to write about, draw a circle around it, extend lines out from the circle with smaller circles at the end. The writer places other ideas related to the main theme inside those smaller circles.
  7. Bullet Journal. This journal usually has a dot background to help you create uniform boxes, layouts, and keep your handwriting in a straight line. This is a type of creative journaling you can use to document the day, keep track of any schedule and use to organize your life.

I have used each of the seven ideas above, but find I prefer the traditional.